The Pythagorion Marina development plan

The Pythagorion Marina development plan

Part of this Marina could be yours!

Pythagorion Marina with a view on the coast of Asia Minor.

The construction of the marina of Pythagorion Samos was completed in 2005 and at the same time the surrounding area was incorporated in the City Plan.  This ensured an effective master plan in connection with the development of the Marina.

The marina of Pythagorion Samos is capable of berthing and maintaining 280 yachts. There is an existing 80 ton capacity travel lift in the boat repair area. Several shops, restaurants, and a hotel have also been constructed to service the yachtsmen and visitors.

The construction criteria in the land area are based on environmental studies in order to keep the character of the area and the island.

In the near future a new village will arise in accordance with the adopted planning code at a very special location in the Aegean Sea between East and West and opposite Asia Minor.