Purchase process plots

How to obtain the building plots

Purchase process plots

Buyers of plots in Pythagorion, under the new village plan, have to go through the basic purchase process for the plots. Firstly they are required to pay a Municipal Contribution to Samos City Hall as per column 3 (Mun. charge). They are also required to pay the transaction taxes to the Tax Office. These charges are in addition to the land purchase price.

Both payments must be effected prior to the signing of contract at the Notary’s Office and the relative receipts evidencing the above payments must be provided to the aforesaid Office (Notary’s Office).

Then the agreed purchase amount must be deposited to the legal landowner’s Bank account.

Upon completion of the aforesaid legal procedure, follows the enlisting of the new landowner (buyer) at the Land Registry Office.

Final Buildable Area (Building permit 0,8) 9.987.008 m2/s-m.

Prices on application by interested parties.